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Ben Kerr, the charismatic Business Manager of Local 67 in 1909 when our standard work week consisted of
10 hours a day with another 5 hours on Saturday. (Hey, let's sign some Project Agreements and go back to
these "good ole days.") He was a real rough and tumble sort of guy. In 1906 during the aftermath of the
infamous violent Hamilton Street Railways strike he was in a restaurant playing the piano when 3 soldiers
rushed in chasing a demonstrator with one soldier trying to beat him on the head with the butt of his rifle. Ben wrestled
the rifle from the soldier and chased them back out the door. When they arrived back later with re-enforcements
to arrest Ben, he picked up his piano stool and swinging it wildly, felled 2 of the soldiers and made his escape
out the door only to be greated by more soldiers who promptly arrested him. In the famous trial that followed
the jurors brought in a verdict of "not guilty" after being swayed by the smooth talking Ben Kerr when he
testified in his own defense.

Ben Kerr met an untimely death in 1929 in a mysterious and violent boating accident on a cold winter day
while running booze back and forth accross Lake Ontario to the U.S. To read a fascinating account of Ben
Kerr's life, who the U.S. athorities dubbed"the king of the smugglers" I highly recommend the book
"Whiskey And Ice, The Saga of Ben Kerr, Canada's Most Daring Rumrunner." by C.W. Hunt.

George Halcrow, president of Local 67 in 1912.


This plumbing truck is about as ancient as you can get.

Another vintage beauty.

The 1st Dominion Steel Foundry (Later known as Dofasco) truck to be licensed for city
delivery use in 1917.

Plumber threading pipe on C.J. Erickson Plumbing truck in Chicago.

Local 67 employees of Saynor Plg & Heating loading up the morning supplies.

Building a "house in a day" in 1913 with Local 67 plumbers & steamfitters. The nine room structure was

actually built in one day as a publicity stunt to celebrate Hamilton's centennial in the old
Britannia Park area near Sherman Ave. N. in Hamilton.

Work in progress on the "House Built In A Day" in 1913. Check out
the cool scaffolding the guys had to work off of back then.

Another stage on the road to completion of the "House Built In A Day" in 1913.

Completed house. (House Built In A Day) 1913

The "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" article that appeared in newspapers worldwide.


Local 67 picnic at Dundas Driving Park on July 16, 1921

Local 67 crew at McMaster University job in the 1920's.

Local 67 crew at Bank of Montreal job in 1928.

Blast furnaces at Stelco in 1953.

Dofasco blast furnace, under construction in June, 1951.

Four Local 67 members getting a great view from the top of Dofasco's new blast furnace in 1951.
(George Baikie, Ross Couldridge, Lee Green, Sam Gargarello)

Local 67 crew in 1960's. If anybody knows their names, let me know.

Local 67 Delegates to the 1976 U.A. Convention.
Back Row: Chuck Gibson, Dan Allen, Don Bock, Trevor Byron, John Thomas, Lee Ellis, Bert Creary, Dave Forbes, Jeff Copoc.
Front Row: Don Walker, Richard Murchie, Gord McCymont, Archie Robertson, Charlie Hewitt, Hugh Kerrigan.

Local 67 Delegates to the 1976 U.A. Convention.
Left side: Bob Watson (UA Rep.), Don Bock, Don Walker, Archie ?, Hugh Kerrigan, Jeff Kopak in dark glasses.
Right side, back to front: Dave Forbes, Danny Allen, Trevor Byrne, John Thomas.

Local 67 Pin Night 1985
BACK ROW: Charlie Hewitt, Fred Wilson, Bert Creary, Hugh Kerrigan.
FRONT ROW: Bro. Whitham, Jack Rostron, Jim Harrower, Sam Gargarello, Harold Connor.

Hamilton Labour Day Parade 1913.


Local 67 Labour Day, in the Late 1950's
Back Row: Gil Arnott, Jack Day, Val Sawko, Bill Devlin, Dave Emsic, Charlie Hewitt, Harold Simms.
Front Row: Don Mains, Ern Latham, Al Espie, George Baikie, Herb Frayne, Mat Rigiel.


Labour Day, Early 1970's. That's Trevor Byrne & Archie McMillan in front
and that's me holding the "JOBS" sign.

Labour Day Parade, Late 60's. That's Charlie Hewitt on the far left.

Labour Day parade around 1970. That's me holding the MCAH sign.

Local 67 Labour Day Parade, 1975.

Labour Day parade, Winnipeg Manitoba 1914


Labour Day Parade, United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners, Fort Madison, Iowa. Early 1900's.

Local 67 members about to embark on a charity drive in the late 1990's for the charity "DAD"
(Dollars Against Diabetes) Many thanks to: Danny Welch, Chris Ward, Jim Imisson , Paul Marshall,
John Holbourne, Ian Sneddan, Terry Williamson, ?. In front is Danny Welch's lovely
daughter Claire Welch and beside her is Clay Grant. If anybody knows the name
of the member where I used ? please let me know. (I think it's Ray but not sure.)

Bob Lewis Jr. (Ontario's top apprentice in 1973) accepting his trophy from
then business manager Trevor Byrne. Many thanks to Mark Tomasin
who had worked with Bob a few years back for letting me know
his name for this great old photo.


Gerry Arrnott, Glen Tinson, Business Manager Trevor Byrne, Bob Lewis Jr.,
Vic and Bill at 1973 awards ceremony.



UA Journal. November 1913.


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